Help & FAQ


We've partnered with JACE Medical to provide COVID-19 testing in Northern Ireland! You can visit their website here:

You can pay for your test using the following method(s):

  • Credit or debit card
    • Supported cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Cartes Bancaires
  • Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • BACS/Invoice
    • Direct bank transfer using BACS/Faster Payments using the provided bank details
    • Direct invoicing

If you have chosen to pay using BACS/Invoice, your order will initially be placed 'On Hold' until payment is confirmed by a member of our team. Only once payment has been confirmed can we issue booking reference numbers.

We recommend that you place your order well in advance of when you need it.

Home test kits are despatched 7 days a week.

Once your order has been accepted you will receive an order confirmation. When your order is despatched a further email will be sent confirming your order has been 'Completed'. Expected delivery is up to 4 working days from when the order is despatched.

Day 5 (test to release) orders will only be despatched for arrival on your 5th day of isolation. This is in accordance with government testing guidelines.

A booking reference number is a unique identifier which is required for government passenger locator forms. Booking reference numbers are used as proof that you have booked a COVID-19 test for after your arrival in the United Kingdom. You can find out more information about passenger locator forms here:

Once your order has been accepted, you will receive your unique booking reference number in the order confirmation and by email.

Home test kits: Our laboratory endeavour to provide test results within 24 hours of receipt of test at the laboratory. You will receive this by text message (SMS) confirming that your sample has physically arrived at the laboratory.

Healthcare professional (HCP) tests: You can choose to recieve results within 24-48 hours of your test (as above) or same-day by midnight!

Yes! If you don't receive your results by midnight same-day, we will provide a full refund.

Instructions on registering your test can be found in the enclosed information leaflet.

Instructions on packaging and returning your test can be found in the enclosed information leaflet. You can find your nearest drop box here:

Currently we're unable to offer COVID-19 testing services and home testing kits to any individuals who are going to Tokyo.

Yes! You can mix any of the available tests.

For example: You can order a Day 2 and Day 8 test for home delivery and order HCP Day 5 Test To Release (TTR) with same-day results.

Day 2/8

You will need to take your test on Day 2  or Day 8 of your isolation period. The day you arrive in England will be treated as Day 0.

Test to release (day 5)

Under government regulation, test to release kits can only be despatched for arrival on day 5 of your isolation/quarantine. Test to release kits cannot be taken any earlier than Day 5. Despatch of the day 5 will be based upon the arrival date that is approved when placing your order.

Currently test to release only applies to England. Please refer to local government websites for the latest guidance.


If your home test kit is delivered and self-administered and there is one one in your household or bubble who can post the test, you may leave the premises to post your test.

If you've made an error in your registration, please sending an email with your URN to:

If you still have your URN, you can retrospectively register your test kit. Any results for this kit/URN will be issued to the relevant email address.

Yes, when registering your kit online you can select the option to add the swab time and date to your results report. Your report will also include the test date and time.

Yes you can choose to add your passport details when registering your kit after you take your swab.

You will be notified via email of the result and what to do next.

On occasion the testing process can return an unclear result. This is exceptionally uncommon. Please contact us as soon as possible.

You will be notified via email of the result and what to do next.