Red 1 Response is uniquely positioned to provide rapid, high-volume mass lateral flow testing for events, nightlife, and festivals. Full vaccination is no guarantee and the NHS COVID Pass relies solely on self-declared results.

The Red 1 Response mass lateral flow service operates on an auditable 'zero trust' model. This service is underpinned by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyse and report the results of lateral flow tests, more accurately than the human eye. This technology not only provides assurances that the people attending your venue have tested negative for COVID-19, but also supports the visually impaired or anxious in interpretation of their COVID lateral flow results.

Working in partnership with a leading manufacturer of medical devices including rapid lateral flow test kits, we're positioned to provide low and high volume lateral flow testing services. Whether your organisation needs 100 tests or 100,000, our team can deliver certainty in uncertain times.

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