COVID secure nightlife and entertainment venues

COVID testing party goers can significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19, safeguarding your venues, staff and patrons. The Red 1 Response 'COVID Free Nightlife' concept integrates mass lateral flow testing with the only Department of Health approved certification app to test club-goers, allowing door staff to quickly and easily verify test results.


Mass rapid lateral flow testing, delivered in partnership with Excalibur Health.

How it works

  1. Club-goer visits Red 1 Response testing centre before going to the club
  2. Club-goer takes rapid lateral flow test (LFT)
  3. Trained Red 1 Response staff scan completed tests into certification app
  4. Certified results within 15 minutes
  5. Door staff can read certified results and/or scan QR to verify test results
Mass rapid lateral flow testing
Certified results within 15 minutes
Companion iOS and Android app
Free nightclub staff and security testing

The NHS COVID Pass relies on self-reported rapid lateral flow tests. This requires trust on the behalf of the declarer.

The Red 1 Response COVID-free concept operates on an auditable 'zero-trust' premise. The technology underpinning our system relies uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to detect the result of a lateral flow cassette, more accurately than the human eye. This system provides guarantees and assurances that the people attending your venues have tested negative for COVID-19.