Wearing personal protective equipment and social distancing is important but, in certain sectors this isn't always feasible.

Red 1 Response is uniquely positioned to provide rapid, high-volume COVID-19 testing and tracing for business. Regular testing can allow your organisation to establish safe bubbles and detect asymptomatic carriers, which currently account for approximately 30% of all COVID-19 cases. If a test is returned positive, national testing and tracing protocols are initiated and the service user is notified to self-isolate.

Our highly skilled team come with a wealth of healthcare experience in pre-hospital and hospital care in emergency departments, high-dependency, acute assessment units, and COVID-19 testing centres.

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✅ Detects an active COVID-19 infection
✅ Throat swab
✅ Results within 6 hours*
✅ Gold-standard COVID test
✅ Sample collected by healthcare professional

Rapid Lateral Flow

✅ Detects an active COVID-19 infection
✅ Throat and nasal swab
✅ Results within 15 minutes
✅ Certified results
✅ Self-sampling

Learn how our workplace COVID-19 testing solutions can protect your visitors, staff, and business.

*Time to results depends on sample transport time to laboratory and laboratory workload. Results normally delivered within 4-8 hours, however may take up to 24 hours. Delayed PCR testing is available at reduced cost.